With maximum comfort, optimal performance and an enviable design, our mobile homes are housing units that can replace in every way a normal apartment. Perfect from an aesthetic point of view, practical and compact, able to integrate easily in the outdoors. For this the ideal location of our product is undoubtedly the campsite environment, where the mobile home is at its best as a comfortable and convenient home for your holidays, responding in the best way the most varied market requirements.

We have a large selection of new or used models of the best brands, present in all dimensions suitable for any campsite, with various accessories, such as an outdoor terrace.

On our website, in the ‘opportunities’ section you can browse through all our offers, looking for the best tailor-made one for you. In the ‘catalogue’ section, however, listed in detail are all mobile models present in our 15,000 square meters of exhibition space. Thanks to our experience and relying on an enviable range of products, we can provide even large stocks for campsites.